Privacy Policy

SJM Concerts creates live events that we want you to remember forever.

We are committed to understanding and delivering the best experience possible for our customers throughout the whole journey of the event.

This commitment also extends to protecting your privacy when we collect and use your personal data.
In summary, we collect personal data so we can continue to deliver unforgettable and unmissable live events.

This Privacy Policy details exactly how we do this.

We have tried to keep it as concise and simple as possible.
However, clicking on the Learn More links will reveal a more detailed explanation.

Who We Are

SJM Concerts may collect your data through our dedicated Ticketing Platform – Gigs and

We also operate as the promoter of Neighbourhood Festival, Neighbourhood Weekender, and Country to Country Festival.

In all of these cases, we (SJM Concerts) are the Data Controller.

The Data Controller is responsible for all issues of personal data and ultimately decides why data is collected, how data is collected, and who the data is shared with.

For general questions regarding your data – or any other issue with this privacy policy – you can contact our appointed Data Privacy Officer (DPO), Michael Dixon, through:
The postal address is:
Data Privacy Officer
SJM Concerts
St Mathews
Liverpool Road.
M3 4NQ

We want you to feel happy that this policy is understandable and relevant to you. How it will apply to you will be dependent on how you engage with us.
As an example:

  1. Purchasing a ticket to one of our events means we will use the information you provide us to deliver that service. Also, where you have told us we can, we will keep you up to date about news, events and offers that we think may be of interest to you.
  2. Browsing our sites involves us using cookies to create the best experience possible for you when you engage with us in this way.  

Whichever way you engage with us we want you to be clear on the what, why, how, and who, questions that you may have surrounding your choices and rights for your personal data.

What Information Do We have?

If you buy a ticket, create an account, use one of our websites, apps, social media sites, or even contact us we collect and store certain information.

  • If you create an account or purchase a product from us we will collect your contact and billing information.
  • If you purchase tickets to one of our events, or an event we co – promote, the ticket agents employed to sell tickets, and the venues that we hire to host that event, will share information with us. This would be your name, contact details and ticket purchase information data to include number of tickets bought and seat number(s).
  • If you attend a certain event, the following information may also be collected:
  • Video Surveillance Cameras (signs will be displayed to notify you)
  • Free to use Wifi (if you are registered to use it)
  • Cashless payment wristbands for event access & purchases.
  • If you use our websites or apps, we collect device and traffic information. This is information such as; IP address, browser, device and location. We may also collect data on what site you arrived from, what you used our site/app for, and the site you went to after your visit.

Full details on the Cookies Policy will be found on the website that directed you to this Privacy Policy.

  • If you use a social media feature within our website or apps and/or post to social media platforms, we will be provided with information about you from that social media site.
  • If you have accessibility requirements we want to meet them in the most effective way to ensure you have the best event experience possible. This may involve you providing information about your mental or physical health.
  • It is extremely rare for us to collect personal information from children. If we do so, we always seek parental consent and only ever collect such information for the specific purposes specified on collection. 
  • In some cases, we use suppliers who collate geodemographic data to personalise our services to you and create the best experience for you. ‘Your Rights & Choices’ section below details how you can choose.

How do We Use Your Information?

Collecting and using your information allows us to deliver the best event experience for you. It also lets us share exciting news, offers and upcoming events with you whilst always complying with our legal obligations.

1. The Performance of Our Contract

Purchasing a ticket enters you into a contract with us. We then use your information in the following way:

  • Processing the order
  • Taking Payment
  • Providing Customer Support.

2. Legitimate Business Interests

  • Analysis & market research assists us in improving and customising our products and services to create the best experience possible.
  • Marketing purposes, unless consent is required for such marketing. For full details about consent, please see Where Consent Has Been Given below.
  • Customer service emails including booking confirmations and event reminders.
  • To prevent or detect unlawful behaviour, to protect or enforce our legal rights or as otherwise permitted by law. We are committed to making sure our events are protected from touting as far as possible. Your information may be used to help prevent ticket touting, misuse of our intellectual property (e.g. our brands), fraud, or other criminal activity.
  • To create a profile for you so we can deliver the best personalised experience to you. As an example, if you have purchased tickets for a punk rock gig, then we want to let you know about other punk rock events we think you will love.
  • To ensure the security of our and our Event Partners’ operations.

Where Consent Has Been given

If you have given us clear and explicit consent to contact you we can further develop your event going experience with us. We understand how important your privacy is and will always aim to contact you with something that you will see as valuable.

This value may be through:

  • Contacting you with news, offers, and information on events, products and services we think you will love. These may be delivered via email, via push and web notifications, SMS, or social media platforms.

You can change your marketing preferences that you have with us at any time. See Your Choices for full details on how to do it.

  • Providing you with location based services to let you know what is going on around you and/or the event.
  • Providing advertising and marketing communications that has been tailored for your individual experience using our websites and apps. (see our Cookies Policy) for more information.
  • Meeting your accessibility requirements, where specifically required and explicit consent is provided, to provide the best event experience possible.

Who Do We share Your Information With?

Putting on an event may involve us collaborating with third party Event Partners. For example, the Artist, promoters, record label, agents etc. We may share your information with these Event Partners and, where required, ask for consent to do so.

  • Third-party service providers (data processors) for the IT infrastructure on which our products and systems are built.
  • Co-promoters and/or Event partners are involved in creating and delivering your event experience. When this information is shared it is in accordance with their privacy policy.
  • Third party services and goods providers to ensure so that they can process and fulfil your orders.
  • Government agencies or other authorised bodies where permitted or required by law.
  • Any successor to all or part of our business.

Your Choices and Rights.

As we have explained, you can choose whether to receive marketing from us. However, you also have the right to access the information we have collected and store about you.

You are always in control of your personal data that we collect and store. In order to help you understand the ways you can implement any choice you make, we have detailed those choices and rights here.


  • If you would like to stop receiving our marketing you can unsubscribe through a link in any of the emails we will send to you. You could also change your preferences within your account, or, if you prefer, contact us and we will do it for you.
  • If you would like to opt out of the use of cookies and tracking tools, please see our Cookies Policy.
  • If you would like to opt out of location tracking and/or push notifications, change the settings on your device or keep your location off. Full details on to achieve this will be included in your manufacturer device guide.
  • If you would like to stop web push notifications you will need to use your browser settings.


Your rights ensure that we are looking after your personal data in the best way possible for you.

  • The right of access – you can see all the information we hold on you.
  • The right of rectification – you can amend or edit any of the information we hold on you.
  • The right to erasure (the “right to be forgotten”) – you can request that we delete all the information we hold on you.
  • The right to restrict processing – you can restrict how we use the information we hold on you
  • The right of data portability – we will provide a copy of the information we hold on you
  • The right to object to processing – you can object to us processing any of the information we hold on you
  • The right not to be evaluated on the basis of automated processing – these are processes that are carried out without human curation or intervention. Typically, we do not carry out any such processing.

To allow you to exercise these rights in the simplest way possible we have created a procedure for the management of your personal data.

This is often referred to as a Subject Access Request.

In this process you are known as the Data Subject.

This procedure is below:

Step 1: Customer invokes a Subject Access Request.

To do this you can send us an email to

Step 2: You will be sent a link to the customer portal where you will be able to login and automatically:

  • View your data;
  • download your data;
  • rectify your data;
  • modify your preferences;
  • request restriction of processing and;
  • request deletion of your data.

Step 3: If you edit your data or modify your preferences this will be actioned immediately. Deletion and restriction of processing requests will be handled in accordance with the circumstances within 1 month.

Step 4: The Data Subject (You) will be able to view changes made within the portal within the time frame specified when making the request

If you would like clarification on any part of this process please contact us through

Please note that whilst we will carefully assess every request we receive; we may not always have to comply.

When this happens, we will always explain why.

How Do We Look after Your Information?

We want you to know that your information is protected at all times.

The security measures we implement for your personal data depend on the type of information collected.
Your information will only be held for as long as required to provide you with the services you request, for the purposes outlined in this policy and for any legal purposes for which we are obliged to keep the information.

Your information will be securely deleted when it is no longer required for these purposes, in line with our existing company policies.

When transferring this data or sharing it there are strict rules in place to ensure your data is still protected to a high standard. Where we do this, we will ensure that appropriate safeguards are put in place.

If, and where, your information is transferred outside of the European Economic Area, we will use one of the mechanisms listed below.

  • Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission
  • EU-US Privacy Shield
  • Binding Corporate Rules
  • Binding Corporate Processor Rules

Thanks for taking the time to read through this notice.

If you have any questions regarding it please refer to the contact details at the top.

The SJM Concerts Team.